World War Z, the 4-player co-op game that will keep you awake.

Regardless of how you feel about the movie World War Z, you can’t deny that the way zombies moved in its world was impressive. They didn’t look too different from typical zombies individually, and they ambled and groaned in familiar ways, but when they amassed, they climb on top of one another to create giant hills of the undead in order to overcome barriers. It was horrifying to look at and scary to imagine how you would react in that situation. The World War Z video game takes that key element of the film and uses it to create a visually interesting gameplay mechanic that is horrifying to witness but fun to dismantle, creating one of the best Left 4 Dead-inspired games in years.

World War Z is made up of four disconnected cooperative narrative campaigns that take place in different parts of the world. Each has four distinct playable characters, structurally placing it a little closer to the book than the film. You must make your way through linear locations like Japan and New York, fighting for survival while achieving a series of goals together, like opening a door so a train can get through, or getting on a boat before being overtaken by zombies. The story is light, but it provides some interesting context for what you’re doing. Sometimes you’re just trying to get out alive, sometimes you’re helping to protect a mobile caravan of survivors, and sometimes you’re escorting an important scientist. The narrative touches are quick, but I appreciated that they qualified everything just enough so I was doing a little more than just moving point to point.