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UE5: How to create an animation Blendspace in 5 minutes

An animation blendspace in Unreal Engine 5 is a tool that allows developers to blend multiple animations together to create a smooth transition between them. This can be used to create realistic movement for characters or objects in a video game or virtual reality experience. It allows for a variety of different animations to be blended together, such as walking, running, and jumping, to create a more realistic and seamless movement. Here is how to create one in 5 minutes on Unreal Engine 5:

  1. Open your main [BP_Character]

  2. Go to Viewport

  3. On the right, select the Mesh that you want to use, and Save.

  4. Open the Content Drawer

  5. Go to Character/Anims, right-click, and create Animation Blendspace

  6. Select the Skeleton you want to use/act on

  7. Rename the Blendspace file name (e.g. IdleWalkBS)

  8. Open the file

  9. At the bottom right of the screen, find the different animations available

  10. Drag and drop 2+ on the timeline (center bottom)

  11. Hold control to move the X to view the transition

  12. To bind this axis to e.g. Speed, go to the left section, under Horizontal Axis, change 'Name' to 'Speed'

  13. Change Max (Speed) to 600 (= Run)

  14. Save & Close

  15. On the Content Drawer, in the same folder, create an Animation Blueprint

  16. Select the same skeleton

  17. Rename file, e.g. "TSSAnimBP" and Open

  18. On AnimGraph, Drag Result to the left

  19. Add a new State Machine, Open

  20. On Entry, Drag and Select "New State"

  21. Rename this new State, e.g. "Idle/Run"

  22. Double-click to open it,

  23. Drag the Animation Blendspace (from the bottom right)

  24. Link it to Result, Compile

  25. Now Drag Speed to the Left, Promote to Variable (type Float)

  26. Go to the OpenGraph (to program the BB)

  27. Off the TryGetPawnOwner, drag Return Value, is Valid? (Check)

  28. Link with Event Exec Pin

  29. Off the TryGetPawnOwner, drag Return Value, Get Velocity

  30. Off Get Velocity, Return Value, and Vector Length

  31. Off Vector Length, select Speed Variable (from bottom left, drag), Set Speed

  32. Then Hook Is Valid to it, and the Vector Length to Speed

33. Go back BP_Character

34. Right side, under animation, on Anim Class, select this TSSAnimBP, Compile and Save

35. Done

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