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Couch Co-Op vs Online Co-Op

Yes, some game studios still care about you, your friends and the dying art of Couch Co-Op multi-playing.

A.k.a the art of gathering a bunch of sweaty mates on a sofa for 8-hour game sessions, that involve all sort of love/hate relationships. Dopamine & Serotonin all over the place, a big yes to that!

The success of Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros Ultimate is an illustration of what many have refused to invest in. Epic social time spent with others, in one same room.

Players could then buy the game, get better, play online, and regroup when possible.

As an example, the PS4 (devs) stopped delivering great offline couch multi player driving games. The best I know, Ride 3. (I don’t consider Rocket League as a substitute to a Forza or GT experience).

Surely, having awesome graphics on split screens is a hurdle to jump. Who would be ok to disregard the best graphics for the social experience though? I know I would.

Here is the shortlist of the BEST games you ll get to play on a couch with your friends:

Helldivers by Arrowhead

Alienation by Housemarque

Super Smash Bros Ultimate by Nintendo & Bandai Namco Overcooked 2 by Team 17 & Ghost Town Games

FIFA 2019 by EA Ride 3 by Milestone A Way Out by EA

Army of two by Visceral Games, EA & Buzz Monkey Micro Machine V4 by Supersonic Software

Try them out!


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